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The International English teacher training in China

International English teacher training landing Chinese English calls for professional training


International English Teacher Training Course American TESOL Internationalrecently landed in China. This course is an authoritative course that specializes in teaching English teachers in English as a second language. All English teachers who have completed the course and passed the final exam will receive the TESOL Certificate of Completion, which is provided by American TESOL International,Inc in Dalaware,USA.

The American TESOL International, Inc.a non-governmental organization (NGO), has several offices in the world. Its goal is to improve the teaching staff of English teaching in the world and to educate non-English speaking learners Provide excellent English teaching.

There are currently 5 courses, each lasting 12 weeks. Students who complete this course and pass the course exams will receive a certificate of completion from the American TESOL International. Through the study of this course, English teachers can get a full range of teaching theory and teaching techniques of training. The introduction of this training program in China will play an active role in promoting the teaching theories, teaching methods and professional accomplishments of English teachers in our country.

Domestic introduction of TESOL courses, just in line with the current urgent needs of domestic English teaching. In recent years, the voice of education reform is increasing day by day, English teaching is the first to bear. It is understood that more than half of Chinese college students can not achieve normal English communication after graduation. In the junior high school, the skills of the students in answering questions greatly exceed the practical application ability. Although this situation is attributed to the disadvantages of the education system, people often neglect another important reason - the level of English teachers' own teaching.

F David L.,CEO of TESOL Online, pointed out that the biggest difficulty that English-speaking countries face when learning English as a second language is the lack of uniform training and assessment standards for English teachers and the systematic teaching theory and teaching techniques for English teachers in the country. Training is imminent.

Insiders pointed out that the urgent task of English teaching reform is to establish an English teacher teaching method learning system and evaluation system for English teachers, authoritative and professional training and assessment. By drawing on the internationally accepted and mature English teacher training standards, domestic English teachers can learn advanced teaching methods and combine them with domestic teaching practices so as to improve their teaching standards. This shows that the ELT Advantage TESOL course is a "timely rain."

It is reported that the country's top English teaching institutions - New Oriental Education and Technology Group has recently decided: All English teachers in the group must learn American TESOL International courses and access to high-end TESOL certificate, drawing on international teaching theory and practical experience. Group president Yu Minhong believes that ELT Advantage courses to China's English education has brought a leading, systematic teaching philosophy and methodology, will help domestic English teaching more formal, professional and international.