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American TESOL International (ATI) provides a global TESOL program for English language teachers to speakers of others languages with individual and institutional members and extensive affiliations worldwide. All TESOL certification courses created by American TESOL International (ATI) follow and aim to improve upon the criteria set out by employers and international TESOL organizations, and are accepted in schools in most countries around the world as the equivalent of 2 years practical teaching experience.

A comprehensive TESOL courses give tainees a foundational knowledge of theories pertinent to teaching ESL. In addition, it equips them with practical tools which they can use in the classroom.After taking this course, trainees will be equipped with the practical “how’s” of teaching ESL, but will also have an understanding of the “why’s”, which will make them more flexible and adaptable teachers. Not only will make you a better teacher, but will also increase your value on the ever-competitive job market.